Step by Step Process

The Retail Programme is broken down into six stages and each stage is carried out in a step by step process as follows;

Step 1
Once the business commences on the Retail Programme, the external advisory team will carry out a comprehensive “Information Capture” with the owner/senior manager. The purpose of this is to ascertain where the business is at and what particular challenges it may be facing and to ensure the programme is individually “tailored” to the individual retailer.


Step 2The retailer is then invited to join other retailers from the community for a “group workshop.” During this interactive session, various sales and marketing ideas will be discussed among the group and areas such as store layouts, displays, promotional activity and best industry practice will be brought to the table.


Step 3Following on from the group workshop, the advisory team will spend a half day at the retailer premises to observe, listen, discuss and commence building the strategic plan. They will examine all areas including; current lay-out, in store displays, and visuals. They will also review current advertising & marketing spend and discuss ways to build the existing customer base, target new customers and increase sales.


Step 4The advisory team will return a short time later to present their proposed strategic business plan and agree an implementation time-frame . At this meeting, it will also be decided what staff members will be involved and who will manage the internal implementation of the plan.



step 5The retailer is once again invited to join all participants for a second “group workshop.”  Key areas for discussion will include; Negotiating skills and better buying, marketing a consumer facing business, digital marketing for the retail business and analysis of the Sales process.


Step 6The last stage in the process involves a final visit to the business and the retailer will then be encouraged to continue to work on the strategic plan as part of their ongoing business practice.