Retail Categories

What Retailers are eligible for the Programme? 

Beacon InitiativeThe Retail Programme offers the business owner the opportunity to “step back” from their business and with the assistance of an external advisor, identify the key challenges they are facing. The Programme has worked with Retailers across all categories including;

Activity Centre                                     Driving School                                    Butchers

Electrical Retailer                                Filling Station                                       Gift Shops

Florist                                                Shopping Centres                                Butchers

Hardware Centre                                Hotel & Restaurant                              Hairdressers

Mobile Phone Shop                             Off Licence                                         Beauticians

Pharmacy                                            Plant Hire                                           Dry Cleaners

Public House                                       Retail Fashion Outlets                         Golf Stores

Sports Shop                                        Supermarket                                       Nurseries

Travel Centre                                      Undertaker                                           Jewellers

Picture Gallery’s                                  Cafe                                                     Book Shops


The Retail Programme co-ordinator can arrange for the relevant business owner to meet with a similar retailer who has previously completed the programme, should they wish to discuss any aspects of the programme.