10 tips that will help you win bids and tenders

Tips about winning tenders - Beacon InitiativeAre you struggling to win tenders in your organisation?

Here are some helpful tips & hints on how to make sure that you win tenders quickly and effectively.

1. When you are looking at a bid document ensure that you always answer every question as fully and Is possible. One of the biggest ways to lose a bid is to miss out questions in the document. This could happen to you, so ensure that when you’re looking at the document address the questions professionally and carefully and methodically.

2. Find out information on your customers and work out what they’re looking for in suppliers of the products or services that you offer. Then, ensure that your bid reflects all the benefits that will come to customers when they take on your products and services. This is more compelling.

3. Take the time to identify and study your competitors in the marketplace and ensure that your pricing is more competitive than theirs is. You don’t have to go cheap; you have to make sure that your pricing is realistic but still attractive.

4. Make sure that you hand the tender in on time. Also, ensure that you have spent a lot of time preparing for the tender and that you given yourself time to do this. Anything rushed will not be successful.

5. Gather together a collection of standard PQQ and tender responses. You’ll also need to locate all the paperwork that you need to put together for your bidding tender applications and put them in one place. This includes insurance paperwork, any policies you have, and any receipts etc that you will need to rely upon as evidence for the application.

6. Ensure you are tendering for a good reason. Too many companies bid for work just because it is there and this becomes part of their general desperation for sales. Make sure you are tendering for business you believe in, and feel that you can make the best job of and this will come across in your tender.

7. Also, ensure that you are able to take on the work that you are bidding for. Too many companies take on too much work and then the quality of what they do suffers. Be ready for the work that may come your way and ensure that you can do it professionally.

8. Do not insult the people reading your tender by putting in a sloppy application. Understand what the bid requirements are, read them carefully and understand what you have to do. Then you can stick to them when you put in the bidding. This way you look professional and are more likely to win.

9. Look at the bid evaluation criteria and know it inside out. Work out what people will be evaluating your bid on. This will help you make sure that your application hits all the right spots.

10. Finally get to know the customers themselves. Treat being invited to bid as a compliment or something positive, and if you get to know the people who are asking you to bid this will make you look more positive. And if things go wrong you have contacts for the future.

There are some tips to help you win bids and tenders. Follow them carefully and pretty soon you will find success.

Arsim Shillova – International Business Development

Arsim Shillova - Beacon InitiativeArsim is part of the Beacon Initiative, Grow Programme Virtual Management Team, which can assist qualifying SME’s to grow through the provision of management expertise that may not be accessible to them currently

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